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What are your Terms and Conditions

Why should I choose Screen Craze! LLC

There are a lot of other printers/embroiders in town.


We will never speak ill of our competitors. If you have worked with them and are happy – stay! They earned it. If not, then we’d love to earn your business (and keep you coming back) by going the extra mile.


We are not your typical screen printing and embroidery company who is just in business trying to earn that almighty dollar! Now, I must be honest with you, there is nothing wrong with the almighty dollar. In fact, I do prefer lots of almighty dollars! But seriously, we are one of the good ole Mom and Pop Family shops that have managed to survive for over 38 years. We have survived all these years due to our fun, excellent and caring customer service and quality of work and garments. When you come to us with an idea, you become part of the family.  Our attention to detail and quality of work is second to none! We make sure every piece that leaves our shop is pure quality. Our name is on it and we want you to be happy. With every ink stroke or embroidery stitch, the outstanding quality is there. Perfection isn't just a word with us - it's a fact!



No amount of advertising in the world can match a great referral, and we are determined to send you away smiling.

How much does a shirt cost?

Cost? You want to know how much your shirts are gonna cost? We get this question all the time! Understand each job is unique and has so many different variables. We have provided you with a cost chart under both the screen printing and embroidery section. If you review these and get confused, NO WORRIES, give us a telephone call and let's start the cost counseling session.  But consider the following:


  • How many pieces screen printed or embroidered?

  • What style of shirt/jacket/bag or garment are you looking for?

  • What colors?

  • How many print locations or embroidery locations on each shirt?

  • What kind of ink or thread do you desire?


The best way to answer this question is to fill out the "Get a Quote" Section and give us a telephone call. Communication is the key to keeping you happy!

How long will my order take?

Our typical turnaround time is 10-14 days from receiving your 50% deposit and project approval. Keep in mind folks, that turnaround time does not include shipping time to your front door. Make sure when ordering you include the days it may take to ship to your location. However, if you are local, we deliver to your front door at no extra charge! How cool is that?


Our goal is to meet or do our best to beat your delivery date! Yea!


*Only applies to custom orders, information for uniform orders is provided through your school.

What if I want my order before that?

Good questions! The quick answer is, YES! we offer rush services at the following additional rates:

5-6 days: 15%

3-4 days: 25%

2 days: 50%

1 day: 100%


Rush orders must be paid in full before any work begins. Rush rates and times do not include shipping times. Please make sure you place your order in advance to accommodate a ship time meeting your deadline. If you are local (Greater Tucson Area), of course we deliver at no additional charge.

Can I bring my own garments?

Yes you can. However, we can generally get garments at a lesser price through our many distributors. Minimum orders still apply on customer supplied garments. Also, we need to advise you that we will not guarantee the quality of the garment, nor will be guarantee our printing on your supplied product.


We will need to see the garment prior to printing on it, and reserve the right to deny said garment. For example, we had a customer bring T-shirts to us to print on - the minute the garment went under our dryers the shirts practically disintegrated! They were paper thin and the quality was very poor. You may think you are saving money, but in the long run you may not be! WE believe in quality and will not turn out a poor product. Screen Craze!LLC will not be responsible for replacing any damaged or misplaced pieces.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order for screen printing is 12 pieces for standard ink. We have a 24 piece minimum for any specialty inks.



For embroidery we currently have no minimum.

Can I order garments through your company?

YES! Either give us a telephone call or click on the "Our Catalogue" and see what all we have to offer you! you will find products ranging from T-shirts, Sweats, Jackets, bags - you name it we can get it for you. If for some reason you don't see what you desire - call us - we love a good challenge!

Do you offer direct to garment printing?

No we do not. We have researched and have found nothing that we would be happy with and will not be offering DTG at this time.​

I want to get a design embroidered, how do I know how many stitches are in a design?

Simply email the image to us along with your "Request for Quote" and we will send you a detailed price and stitch-count as quickly as possible! It is just that simple!

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