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Here at Screen Craze! LLC, we offer Custom Embroidery. We have over decades of experience offering excellent embroidery services and affordable service to many companies, families and educational Institutions. We offer a range of custom embroidery services and can work with you to ensure you get the most out of our services. As always, we are happy to talk over ideas and help you develop the design that best fits your needs. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you - let’s have some fun!

We'll make your company image shine - at a price you can afford!

Join companies like:


  • Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus

  • Tucson Fire Department

  • Pima County Sheriff's Department

  • Tucson Police Department

  • St. Augustine Catholic High School

  • Cienega High School

  • Our Mother of Sorrows School

  • Academy of Tucson High School

  • St. Joseph Catholic School

  • Arizona Corvette Racing

  • Arizona Theatre Company

  • Dr. Gann's Diet of Hope

  • Sabino High School

  • Tucson Devil Pups * U.S. Marine Corps.

  • Tucson Parks and Recreation


Just to name a few, and have Screen Craze! LLC put your company logo on corporate apparel, custom sports shirts, and promotional shirts at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We're positive that once you try us, you'll never go anywhere else.

We'll evaluate your logo - Free!

Unlike logos used for business cards, letterheads, and the web, embroidered logos have not only height and width, but depth. Accommodations need to be made for the embroidery process. Our logo specialists will evaluate your logo, free of charge, to help determine what works best for you. Please send your logo through our website under get a quote, or email us at

Embroidery vs. Screen Printing

In print, letters can be smaller and colors can be blended more intricately than in embroidery, but embroidery also has texture. So embroidered logos have the added advantage of character, durability, and are much more eye-catching. Let's talk about it!

Letter Size

Lettering is the biggest challenge in embroidery; because we're using needles and thread, letters must be no smaller than 1/4 inch high. In addition, we may need to change a bit to keep the overall size appropriate for a shirt or other garment. Again, let's talk about it!

A Standard-Size Logo

Since embroidered logos are measured in stitches, the more complex your logo is the higher the stitch count. A standard-size logo has less than 10,000 stitches. Since most logos require far less than 7,500, your logo is probably a standard-size. Logos that are not 7,500 stitches will be subject to an additional fee. But, don't worry; we'll do what's best for both your budget and image. Since we often convert logos that have previously been designed for printing, we may need to tweak the logo for best results - at no extra charge, of course. Our main goal is to give you a logo that is both beautiful and unique.

Large Detailed Logos

Because tens of thousands of threads can put a strain on any fabric, extremely large and complicated logos will make a shirt sag, become bunchy and uncomfortable to wear. While it may look totally awesome hanging in the closet, that's not what our custom shirts are designed to do! We sell the best quality, most comfortable stylish shirts in the industry. We want you to look like a million bucks and enjoy wearing them. After all, its your design and represents you and your company - looking good and being stylish is what its all about!

Some frequently asked embroidery questions:

Digitizing - what is it?

Digitizing, or punching, is the process of converting artwork into a digital code that can be read by today's advanced embroidery machines. This digital code provides the instructions to the embroidery machine's operating system which, in turn, tells the embroidery machine's frame how to set the design. The word punching actually comes from the traditional jacquard embroidery machines. The instructions that told the machines frame how to move and sew the embroidered design came from tape punched with holes. A skillful digitizing artist uses very specialized (and expensive) embroidery digitizing software to interpret your particular artwork design into a digital embroidery pattern. Digitizing is both a technical and a creative process. It's much more than most people might imagine - a lot of people think their design will just be 'scanned'. While the digitizer may begin with a scan or a graphic file, they have to tell the embroidery where to put each stitch, and in what order to sew your design - including where to stop, trim the threads, and switch to a different color. Poor digitization WILL result in a poor-looking design. Saving a few dollars on a one-time digitizing fee and ending up with a poor-looking logo is no bargain. Some embroiderers will tout their "free" digitization. If you really look at their prices, the digitizing is simply built into the selling price of the item. That means on future orders, you'll be paying for the "free" digitizing again and again, instead of just once with Screen Craze! LLC. If they say they have "Free" embroidery, try sending them a shirt and see if it's really free (or once again built into their prices).

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